LMCA 2017


LMCA Members,

We hope everyone had a great Holiday Season. If you have not already seen the list of events that have been planned for the first four months of 2017, I encourage you to take a close look and mark your calendars with those dates. We hope to have everyone’s participation this year so we can accomplish our goals for 2017.

We want to thank you for being part of the association. No matter if you are a carrier or an allied member, your voice matters, you play an important role on the issues we focus on and we are dedicated to serving you as best as we can.

Allow us to share some statistics with you, in the last year trucks traveled 421.3 billion miles. Enough to travel the Earth to Saturn 564 times. Truck transportation is the engine that keeps America on the road. It’s the essential link in the transportation chain, carrying all things to all corners of the map. 82% percent of Texas communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods. It’s easy to overlook the vital role trucks play when the public doesn’t link their standard of living to the professional drivers they pass on the highway. LMCA is working diligently to bring them that message.

In this past year we have grown from 12 members to 55 members in the matter of 8 months. Keep in mind that the association has only been established for 8 months. Our goal for 2017 is to grow by 40-50 members. Which is very possible, with your help of course.

In the last few months we developed a few committees that we believe are going to be the driving force to building our association. We want to have both a strong foundation and a strong unified voice for South Texas trucking.

We encourage you to participate in one of the committees. Our goal is to have at least 10 members per committee. The committees and the current members in each are as followed:

Legislative Committee-
This committee will handle points regarding political agendas that pertain to local, state, and federal laws for road construction, regulations, tort reform, driver shortage, and BI’s.

Robert Fuentes, Chairman, Fuentes Law Firm

Current Members:

Ernesto Gaytan Jr. STI

Ruben Garibay, Select

Rafael Tawil Jr. TUM

Nati Lozano, IBC

Alejandro Canedo, Royal Express

Membership Committee-
This committee will create and execute strategies to build our membership. Getting other carriers to see the value of being part of our association. Plus handling all customer care and customer support.

Hudson Knox, Chairman, Integrity Insurance

Current Members:

Ernesto Gaytan Jr., STI

Grant Soverign, Shell

Nati Lozano, IBC

Salvador Lambreton, Utility Trailers

Events/Education Committee-
This committee will be overseeing the planning and executing of all LMCA events/education sessions, along with fundraising and recruiting sponsors.

Juan Cruz, Chairman, Doggett Freightliner

Current Members:

Jerry Maldonado, Warren

Ernesto Gaytan Jr., STI

Juan Sanchez, JC Solo Trucking

Benefits Committee-
This committee will be in charge of getting the best discounts for our members, incentives, and save you money.

Martin Gaytan, Chairman, STI

Current Members:

Roberto Perez, Forza

We are currently working on signing contracts with different vendors to provide you with the best discount possible in regards to fuel, insurance, tires, factoring, parts, etc. We want to make sure that we are serving you as you are supporting the association.

As of now we have signed a contract with Pilot Flying J for savings of .8 cents per gallon. If you are interested in these savings, please contact me so I can connect you to our representative and we can get you on the road to saving thousands of dollars in 2017 on fuel.

You will be notified of more savings as soon as we have them ready for you. But we promise, we are working on getting them.

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