Laredo Motor Carriers Association - Established in 2016

We serve the core needs of our members while protectively working to enhance compliance with federal, state, and local laws. We maintain the highest standards of ethic and integrity in its relationship with members, government officials, public and other coalitions and associations.

Gerardo Maldonado
President of LMCA
Warren Transport

Noe Montes

TM Transportation

Raul Garza
Treasurer of LMCA
Garza Accounting Professionals

Ernesto Gaytan Jr.
Past President of LMCA
Super Transport International

Melissa Huddleston

Executive Director


Maribel Villareal

Executive Assistant

Adrian La Villa


Mofid Tawil
MT Carriers

Luis Medina

TM Transport

Juan Jose De Leon
EBT Logistics

Alberto Hernandez
HP Carriers

Adriana Lopez-Hammer

Jorge Guarneros

Ernesto Gaytan Sr.
Super Transport International

Griselda Narvaez
HP Carriers

Naty Lozano
IBC Bank

Rafael Tawil Sr.
TUM Logistics

Mario Palos Garza
Palos Garza

Advisory Board Member

Gume Garza

Royal Express

Advisory Board Member